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DIY your way to your home spa with these 10 ideas.

There is something about going to the spa that is so indescribably appealing. With its soothing music, low light, and aromatherapy-infused smells, these places are designed and curated to relax the mind and the body–like a therapy session, just more enjoyable.

A lot of people consider having a spa day as a chance to unwind and get in tune with their selves. Unfortunately, visiting one can also be a liiiitle bit expensive. The good news is that you don’t always need to make a big splurge just to get the experience. With a little bit of creativity, you can do your own relaxing spa session by creating a relaxation room at home.

Want unlimited access to spa days? We listed ten relaxation room ideas that can get you started.

  1. Find your zone.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, you don’t necessarily need a huge space for your own relaxation room. Realistically, not all of us have the luxury of dedicating several square meters for our DIY spa space, but this shouldn’t stop you–even if you are living in a micro-apartment! The key is to fine-tune an already existing part of your home into your own relaxation hub by making little tweaks on it. Your bedroom is a good choice since it is already an area where you are naturally meant to relax. You can extend this to your bath too by investing a bit on some good furnishings that can relax your senses.

  1. Treat your senses.

The reason why a spa visit is very relaxing is because everything about it is engineered to tickle all your senses. If you want to DIY your own relaxation experience, you need to go out of your way to have things that can do the same. An aromatherapy infuser can instantly change the feel of your relaxation room, and something as simple as dimming the lights and lighting some candles can soothe your eyes. You don’t need to spend a thousand bucks just to recreate the experience if you are creative. For example, you can look for relaxing soothing playlists on Spotify and just plug in your phone while treating yourself to a day of relaxation.

  1. Find products that work for you.

There is something very magical whenever you get treatments at the spa. For some unexplainable reason, every cream, lotion, or scrub that is applied onto you seems to be gifts from the gods. While you don’t exactly get the same level of spoiling when you do it at home (because you have to work on the treatments yourself), you can at least recreate the same relaxing vibe by investing on products that you know work well for you. You don’t necessarily need to buy that $100 dollar body wash, but if you must, well at least you can be comforted by the fact that you can use it for many sessions–not just once.

  1. Experiment with masks.

Masks are a quintessential part of spa indulgence. Buy yourself a few packs from your favorite beauty shop or whip up your own using ingredients from your pantry. Honey and sugar are popular choices if you want your own face scrub. For that extra relaxing kick, pop your masks in the fridge so you get a refreshing experience once you finally put them on.

  1. Buy some good hot towels.

Getting a facial is ALWAYS a good idea. You can recreate your own by buying some good quality hot towels–cotton ones are your best bet–and soaking them in hot water while you’re doing your skin regime. Just wring them out and use them to wipe away any product once you’re done and voila, it’s like you’re transported to your very own facial spa heaven.

  1. Use the power of smell.

The scent of our surroundings plays a huge role in the state of our psyche. Get yourself some good home scents to instantly recreate a relaxing spa session or buy a hand-poured soy candle to put in your relaxation room. Just make sure to put it off before you actually drift off to dreamland!

  1. Know how to maximize your showers.

If you’re like the most of us whose showers usually take nothing more than fifteen minutes (because who has more time for one if you’re already running late for work?!) then this part of your everyday routine might seem too mundane to actually be given attention to. Once you get the luxury of time, however, it is always a good idea to treat yourself to a long one just to spoil yourself a little more than usual. Buy your favorite bath bomb (or essential oil) and soak for a few minutes at the tub before scrubbing down using a dry brush. Plus points to you if you invest on a good fluffy robe that you can wrap yourself with after your session.

  1. Go minimalist.

Another thing about spas is that everything is so minimally designed. If you really want to DIY your way to this, organize your relaxation room in a way that is easy to the eyes. Remove any clutter and create clean spaces with only the essentials dotting the room here and there.

  1. Choose your color.

This goes hand in hand with the design and layout of your relaxation room. Some spas are dark and cozy while others are sparkling white and refreshing. Choose a palette that eases your senses. If you find dark or white too basic, other popular color options are pastel hues or cool tones like blue and green.

  1. Organize everything.

There is something almost clinical about a spa experience. The face towels go on the bottom shelves, the salves and other creams on the other. To recreate this, you also need to do the same kind of organization, meaning you need to group everything right so you know where to access things at every stage of your “relaxation” ritual. Organize everything that you will use on your face on one side, the towels on the other. The last thing you want during your me time is to feel harassed looking around everywhere for that damn lip mask.

You don’t always have to shell some serious bucks every time you want to spoil yourself. With a little bit of effort, research, and investment, you can create your very own relaxing haven that you can enjoy whenever you want. Who doesn’t want constant access to one, right? We don’t know about you, but it’s definitely not us.