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10 Best Massage Tables for At-Home Use 2019

A good massage table is a must for any home, whether or not you’re practicing to provide massage services professionally. Having one readily available when your body needs pampering is a convenience all hardworking adults would appreciate.

However, massage tables are not created equal.

When choosing massage equipment for your home, you’re going to weigh various factors such as width and height, adjustability, portability, aluminum vs. wood, type of foam or other upholstery, and many more. All these factors combined will determine how comfortable the table massage will be.

The folding massage table you’ll need for home use doesn’t necessarily mean cheapest. The price of massage equipment vary usually because of the materials used. Entry-level professional massage tables will be enough for most therapists. But if this is your career and is has been for years, investing in a higher-quality table will serve you longer than just paying for the most affordable you can find.

When picking a lightweight portable massage table, there are 3 important factors to note:

  • Type of massage – Do you specialize in a particular massage such as rolfing? If so, the table you need must fit the length requirements to accommodate your movements. As an example, rolfing requires a very-low table height.
  • Amount of travel – Will you  be offering on-call home massage exclusively? What’s the range of locations you’re willing to go to? Understanding the amount of travel is important in choosing your table since you’d want one that is portable, lightweight, easy to set-up and of course, durable to withstand regular movement.
  • Budget – Once you’ve identified the measurements and travel requirements for your massage table, it’s the time to weigh cost of every massage equipment that fits your specific needs.

Consider your massage table as any furniture in your home. You’d want to save up and invest on something you really, really want before buying. It will serve your business in the long run and prevent early replacement that would just double the money you spent for equipment.

Now that you know the most important factors to consider, here are 10 must-see massage tables for at-home use:

SierraComfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Made of Beech hardwood and cotton-filled fitted sheets, this massage table from SierraComfort is an ideal companion for home service massage. It features  adjustable/removable face cradle and 2.5-inch foam deck made to give extra-comfort to any client.

SierraComfort’s All-Inclusive Massage table also has a ton of portability features, from the carry bag and bolster combo, to the many storage pouches (for towels, oils, and so on).


  • Nice set of massage accessories
  • Obvious durability of stitches
  • oil-resistant and waterproof  PU leather (makes life of the table longer)
  • Great extra support found on legs using tension wires


  • The smell of Beech may not be for everyone (can be strong, even after airing it out for weeks)
  • Max weight not met (safe for clients under 200 pounds, even if advertised for up to 400 lbs)

Is it Worth Your Money?

The SierraComfort All-include Portable Massage Table will surely get your attention, since it’s only priced at $125 for something so “all-inclusive.” But this unit is best for training in one spot, and not something you’d chug along everywhere you go.

BestMassage New Black 84 Portable Massage Table

BestMassage’s New Black 84 may not look as intimidating as other folding massage tables, but there’s a good reason why it has been Amazon’s Choice for months – this table delivers. It may look flimsy at first, since the massage table doesn’t go with a fancy design, but once you lie down, you’d feel the sturdiness immediately. Its high-quality beech hardwood-made table can withstand up to 450 pounds.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Waterproof and oil-resistant, which means easy to clean
  • Comfy padding
  • Only weighs 30 pounds (lightweight and portable)
  • Easy storage thanks to multiple accessories
  • Adjustable face cradle


  • Head cradle, while adjustable, is made from plastic
  • Bag destroys easily

Is it Worth Your Money?

The BestMassage New Black 84 portable massage table is affordable (it’s only around $80). But it’s best for home use, and doesn’t really fit clients weighing up to 450 pounds – adjust this advertised number to around 200 pounds so you won’t be disappointed.

SierraComfort SC-500 Basic Portable Massage Table

The cheaper version of SierraComfort’s portable massage table takes its name seriously.  Priced below $100, this “basic” folding massage table was designed to provide support for people who need a lower-level table. Many users give this table a whirl for their physical therapy, which seems to be super-effective.

This basic portable massage table is backed by SierraComfort, a trusted brand, so even if it’s priced below $100, you can be sure of the quality.


  • Quick set-up and storage
  • Made of Beech hardwood
  • Looks impressive when folded
  • Sturdy 2-inch high-density foam
  • Adjustable height
  • Oil-resistant and waterproof deck


  • No carry case and face cradle included

Is it Worth Your Money?

The SC-500 is priced around $102, and it’s one of the budget massage tables I could truly recommend by heart. However, do note that this particular model is best for home-use only, even if Sierra Comfort gave this kit carry handles for easy transport.

It is one of the sturdiest folding massage  table in the market, just don’t bring it outside because clasps are not designed to lock for long periods.

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

One glance at the Uenjoy Folding Massage Table 84” Professional Massage Bed and you’d confuse it with SierraComfort’s SC-902 $130 version. They look exactly the same, except Uenjoy’s offering their table for half the price. Is budget the only redeeming quality of this massage table?

It actually boasts a max weight capacity of around 500 pounds, thanks to its hardwood frame reinforced with steel support cables.


  • Oil and water-proof leather cover
  • High comfort level because of quality high-density foam
  • Detachable arm sling, arm rest and headrest (no tools needed)
  • Super-sturdy


  • Very heavy (may not be as easily portable for other people)

Is it Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for professional massage tables that you’ll be transporting regularly, this one should be on your list (especially if you’re on a budget because Uenjoy’s Folding Massage Table is only $76). However, do note that the downside for its sturdiness and durability is that the thing is heavy – you might need assistance when carrying.

Sierra Comfort SC-902 All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

At $146,  SierraComfort’s SC-902 all-inclusive portable massage table is the most expensive model from the company. One look at the many accessories built-in and included in the package and you’d know this table was designed for professionals (who don’t have much budget yet to invest in a more expensive model).


  • Uses beech timber with high-density foam
  • Extra-strong legs (tension wires built around the legs)
  • Tons of accessories (oil pouch, towel hanger, semi-circle bolster, and removable face cradle and arm rest)
  • Sleek-looking carry bag
  • Includes 100% cotton fitted sheets


  • Bolster included is tiny

Is it Worth Your Money?

The Sierra Comfort SC-902 All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table make it possible for beginner therapists to jump-start their careers with this table, thanks mostly to the complete set of accessories and well-built table that won’t crumble on your clients (and your business). Plus, it’s affordable too and you get everything on the kit plus 5-year warranty.

BestMassage Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

If you’ve got a budget of over $100, the BestMassage portable facial SPA bed is one to check out. It’s been receiving rave reviews because of the comfort-level it brings to clients and portability given to therapists on the move.


  • Lightweight (can be carried with one hand)
  • Quick-adjust table height (from 24 to 33 inches)
  • oil-resistant and waterproof PU leather cover
  • Comes with adjustable face cradle
  • 2 bolsters made of high-density sponge


  • Carry bag easily destroyed

Is it Worth Your Money?

If you didn’t expect much from this BestMassage massage table, you’d definitely be surprised at its durability and comfort level, especially from it’s affordable price point.

Of course this isn’t the best portable massage table in the market, but if you’re just starting out and don’t have a choice but to go with a cheaper model, BestMassage’s kit definitely won’t make your clients feel you’ve skimped on equipment.

Yaheetech 84” Portable Folding Massage Table Facial Slaon SPA Bed with Backrest

Yaheetech’s mobile massage system is designed pretty impressively, especially if you consider the many adjustable parts (found in higher-end models) and it’s affordable price. With this table, you can perform any home service massage, including a shoulder, head, foot, hand, back, waist, leg, and even full-body massage without problems.


  • Very flexible (adjusts to different table heights with ease)
  • Constructed using solid wood
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Covered the high-elastic sponge with waterproof PVC leather
  • Comfy thick foam
  • Comes with nifty travel bag (works as storage too)


  • Releasing foot board requires breaking in

Is it Worth Your Money?

Ideal for both at-home use and transport, Yaheetech’s folding massage table is not only affordable (at $90 a pop), but also very flexible. Its table  height can be adjusted into 8 levels, from 24.8’’ to 33.7’’, making sessions comfortable no matter the type of massage performed. The adjustable backrest is a feature found in more expensive models, so that’s a plus for Yaheetech.

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

It isn’t really fair to compare the Earthlite Harmony DX massage table with all the other massage equipment on this list, but if budget is not a problem, this model from the trusted EARTHLITE brand should definitely be on the top of your choices. Here’s why…


  • Awesome warranty (it’s limited, but hey, it’s a life-time warranty)
  • Squeak-proof
  • Patented and adjustable facecradle
  • Very very durable (uses aircraft-grade Russian plywood decks, reinforced with hardwood)
  • Accommodates up to 600 pounds on the table
  • Super-comfy (hand-upholstered cushion with high-end fabric cover)
  • Heavy-duty carry case


  • Costs around $300

Is it Worth Your Money?

EARTHLITE has been around since 1987. This company has been a constant industry-standard provider of massage equipment for decades, so anything EARTHLITE launches should be given attention.

I believe each dollar of the $190+ you’ll spend for this massage table package is worth it. Just check out the build of its knobs, non-slip feet, Maple outlets, and hinges… you’ll know this table will last you years of service.

Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table

This monstrous-looking massage table is an all-around  mobile equipment that you wouldn’t be scared moving around even across cities.

Made with aluminum frame covered nicely with 2-inch high-density foam and silky synthetic leather, the Merax folding massage table was made specifically for tattoo artists, chiropractors, physical therapists, masseuse, therapy students, home users in need of a therapy table, and other professionals.


  • Quick “no tools” set-up
  • Wide bed surface
  • Removable side arm rests
  • Adjustable backrest and headrest
  • Comes with free carrying case


  • Some units have wobbly legs

Is it Worth Your Money?

At $140, the Merax 3-section folding massage table definitely looks a lot like higher-end models. There are a lot of freebies included in the package, but the advertised 500-pound maximum capacity may not be real (expect it to accommodate around 250-pound max instead).

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

BestMassage has many affordable massage tables in the market, but don’t mistake the cheap price for low quality. They can definitely compete with a lot of massage equipment. Such is the case with the all-inclusive, accessory-packed, professionally-made BestMassage’s PU portable massage table.


  • Uses 2-inch small-cell foam padding
  • Oil-resistant and waterproof PU leather
  • Max weight limit of 450 pounds
  • Easy to transport and store (quick folding/unfolding)
  • Includes several free accessories (headrest, face pillow, arm shelf,  carrying case, etc.)


  • Not ideal for regular travel

Is it Worth Your Money?

This BestMassage model is designed for massage students, new practitioners and home users who will mostly be spending time on the table for at-home use. I do believe it is stable and sturdy enough to withstand constant travel, if you’re thinking of using this for a mobile massage service, but it’s best to double-check at the store.

Wrap Up: Best Portable Massage Table Recommendation

EARTHLITE’s Harmony DX massage table is the cream of the crop when it comes to budget massage equipment (it’s the most expensive of the bunch I recommend). If you’re saving up before you dive into the spa industry, then this model should be one of your top choices.

However, if you need to offer your massage services as soon as possible, but don’t have the money yet, remember that the massage tables I listed above cater to two kinds of people – those who need it for at-home use exclusively and those who will transport the tables to clients’ homes regularly.

I recommend you check out Sierra Comfort’s SC-500 basic portable massage if you’re looking for a table for personal use at home, but go with the more expensive Sierra Comfort SC-902 or BestMassage Massage Table if you’re planning to make your services mobile.

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