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Best Personal at home Microderm Tools under $35

The market offers so many products to make your skin look beautiful and you do not even have to break your bank to get one. One of which is a personal microdermabrasion tool. This article will give you the know how on getting wonderful skin through the use of a personal microdermabrasion tool and how to choose one that best suits you.

We all dream of having a radiant and glowing face like that of a celebrity. The thing is, not all are born with naturally flawless skin. There are different skin types with different skincare needs.

Luckily, getting the blooming face that we all desire has become easier with the growing number of skincare products and procedures available in the market. We can now achieve our skin goals with good health habits and proper skincare.

Skincare products and treatments, though, can be quite costly. A facial treatment in a professional clinic may cost up to hundreds of dollars. Usual treatments don’t last one session alone. You have to take several sessions to get the most of your treatment. That means you have to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands for skincare. This can be pretty challenging especially when you do not have money to spare.

You should not give up on your dream of having great skin just because you only have a few bucks in your wallet.

Years ago, people may have had no choice but to visit skin clinics and dermatologists to get their treatment. Fortunately, times have changed. Do-it-yourself and at home skincare kits are now easily available and they even come at a great price!

At home skincare kits are pretty great because not only are these easy on your wallet, you can also have your treatment done in the comfort of your own home. That saves time, money, and energy compared to going to a clinic.

At present, there are a number of skincare procedures that are doable at home. These include paraffin wax treatments, light therapy, and one in particular that people have been raving about– microdermabrasion.

What is microdermabrasion and how does it work?

Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure that, although may sound complex, is actually very simple. It is a non-invasive procedure which means it does not cut through skin. Contrary to belief, it is basically painless. The pain that you would most likely feel from this treatment would be from irritation, which is perfectly normal.

In a nutshell, microdermabrasion works by removing one superficial layer of dead skin either through the sloughing off with crystals or contact with a diamond tip. After removing the unwanted lawyer, the particles are vacuumed to reveal and leave you with smooth and supple fresher skin.

The new healthier skin is the body’s way of recovering from the removal of the dull layer. The treatment stimulates blood flow which aids in getting better skin.

At home microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments are best when done under the supervision of a dermatologist or aesthetic personnel. However, as mentioned, this might get costly in the long run.

Because of the high demand of the procedure and the consideration that not everyone can afford a professional treatment, at home microdermabrasion has become immensely popular.

Personal microdermabrasion has become a thing where people purchase a microdermabrasion kit and do the treatment themselves. You can actually do so very easily since most kits come with customizable features that you can adjust based on your skincare needs.

Best Personal Microderm under $35

You are given an awful lot of choices when picking the best at home microdemabrasion tool. Different brands offer microdermabrasion kits that vary in shape, size, power, and features. When looking at the wide array of choices, it is best to compare them with the quality of the product in mind.

To narrow down your choices, below are our top 10 personal microderm under $35. These are some of the best microdermabrasion machines that fit right into your budget.



Hauvie’s personal microdermabrasion tool takes care of the oil, impurities, acne, and blackheads that plague your skin. This product makes use of plasma micro-district discharge technology. With its upgraded chip, bleeding after your treatment is highly unlikely.

One thing you will like about this product is its adjustable suction force. You can choose from three levels. The first is for small suctions and sensitive skin. The second is strong enough to remove oil, blackheads, and residue from your makeup. The last level, the strongest among the three, is best for taking out acne and the most stubborn blackheads.

You can customize your treatment depending on the conditions at hand because the kit comes with four suction heads. Its big circular probe is a strong suction that stimulates bloodflow while its small circular probe is for clogged pores and blemishes. If you are worried about the lines on your face, the oval probe known for its micropulling effect is suited for you. For great exfoliation, you can use the microdermabrasion probe that emits microscopic crystals to remove dead skin cells.

You can bring this anywhere because it is lightweight, rechargeable, and lasts up to 150 minutes while on standby. It has a time setting so you can keep track of your treatment duration. On top of that, it has a functional one button design with LED display.

With this kit, you get a suction beauty device, four suction probes, a USB charging cable, product manual for your reference, and filter sponges. That’s a good deal for a quality product!


This personal microderm kit by HealthMore has what you are looking for in a microdermabrasion kit. With its adjustable suction force, you can choose from five levels that suit all skin types. There is a suitable suction force for sensitive skin, dry skin, natural skin, oily skin, and mixed-type skin. It leaves you with smooth and tighter skin after use.

You get four suction probes with this kit: a big circular probe for blood circulation, a facial lifting probe with microcrystals, a small circular probe for unclogging pores, and an oval probe for massaging effects.

Its LED display will let you monitor how long your treatment will be. In fact, you can set your treatment time so you do not have to worry about checking your watch every now and then.

This personal microdermabrasion tool is easy on the hands, rechargeable, and can be brought just about anywhere! The kit comes with a microderm tool, four probes, a USB charger, manual, and filter sponges. What more can you ask for?


If you are looking for a tool that can help you with your skin problems in the most delicate areas of your face, Srocker’s personal microderm is for you. This multi-functional tool aids you in taking care of your chin, cheeks, nose, and basically your entire face.

You can easily adjust the power levels of this tool with just one click of a button. It has five levels that are built for different skin conditions. Its suction speed is adjustable as well.

Aside from its wide range of power levels, you also get four probe nozzles. These suction tips come in different shapes and sizes and may be used depending on your need. The big round suction tip absorbs blackheads and oils on your face keeping it clean and smooth. The mini suction tip deep cleans your skin for better absorption of nutrients from the beauty products that you use. The small round suction tip is for weak and sensitive spots. Lastly, the oval suction tip is designed for the lines near your eyes and mouth. These are all skin-friendly and will not cause breaking in your skin. To add, these are removable making them easy to clean.

Made of ABS plastic, this personal microdermabrasion tool is compact, lightweight, and portable. You can charge it through a USB cable so you will not be bringing along bulky power sources.

You get a personal microdermabrasion tool, four probe nozzles, one USB cable, four sponge filters, and of course, a user manual. This is no doubt a good purchase!




Deep cleaning keeps your face beautiful and glowing. This personal microdermabrasion tool by Apolol has a powerful suction that can help you deep clean your skin. It removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, and improves oily and rough skin.

You can choose from four levels of suction force that fit your skincare needs. If you are not comfortable with the suction force that you are using, you can simply change it with one click of a button.

Considering different types of skin, this personal microderm has four replaceable suction heads. Its small sucker head is best for removing blackheads especially for those with sensitive skin. A much stronger suction, its large hole head takes out stubborn particles off your face such as blackheads and whiteheads. If you want to take care of your t-zone, you can use the elliptical hole head that is compactly built for that area. For exfoliating and treating scars, you can go for the microdermabrasion head.

You will like its no fuss one-button design that makes it handy and easy to use. It is also wireless so you do not have to worry about having to untangle wires.

This Apolol microderm kit includes a microderm tool, suction heads, manual, and USB charger. You will find deep cleaning easy with this item in hand.


This affordable but highly effective personal microdermabrasion tool by Ousum takes out dirt from your face and shrinks your pores for greater looking skin. For a small price and a quick treatment of at most five minutes, you get a lot of beauty benefits.

This device is suitable for skin of all types. You can adjust the strength level and suction force of your microdermabrasion treatment to fit your needs and preferences. If your skin is sensitive, you can opt to use the low level to avoid irritation and skin-breaking. For removing small blackheads and particles, you can use the medium level. To get rid of annoying blackheads and whiteheads, you can choose the high level. You should start from the lowest strength level first before proceeding to the highest to avoid damaging your skin.

In addition to the adjustable strength level, you also get three suction heads that you can change and remove. You have three options: a large circular hole head for strong suctions, small circular hole head for sensitive skin and gentle suctions. And an oval hole head for better blackhead removal.

Built with a compact design, you can bring this personal microdermabrasion tool anywhere. It is cordless and makes use of USB charging.

When you buy this kit, you get a microderm tool, three removable suction heads, filter sponges, a USB charging cord, and a user manual. Get this device for your quick beauty fix!



Seffer offers a painless and chemical-free way of bringing out radiant skin through this personal microdermabrasion tool. The brand brings the latest technology to the market with a device that effectively removes impurities and smoothens out facial lines. With an effective suction between 63-65 kpa, you get a brighter glow in just five minutes of use.

This multifunctional tool comes with four suction heads. To take out blackheads and acne, you use the large circular sucker. For sensitive skin and mild blemishes, you can use the small circular sucker. It also has a microcrystal sucker for exfoliation and an elliptical sucker for better skin elasticity.

Made of ABS, Seffer’s microderm device is a handy and durable tool that answers to your skincare needs. The smart vacuum suction technology it uses makes it non-toxic and definitely safe to use.

It is rechargeable and wireless so you can put it in your beauty pouch and take it with you anywhere. This personal microdermabrasion tool comes with four suction heads, a USB cable for charging, a user manual, and a drawstring bag. You can do your treatment even when you are on the go.


Rejuvenate your skin and bring out its natural glow with BueatyBella’s personal microdermabrasion tool. By using vacuum extraction technology and techniques, this tool helps you take care of the blackheads and blemishes on your skin and keeps wrinkles away.

You can customize your microdermabrasion treatment with this device. There are five suction levels that you can choose from depending on your skin condition. Always remember to start from the weakest first before choosing the strongest level.

You also get four probe suckers that you can easily remove. If blood circulation in your face is your priority, you can choose the big circular probe. For exfoliation, use the microdermabrasion probe and for smoothing lines, use the oval probe. To reduce pimples and remove stubborn particles, use the small circular probe.

You can easily monitor your device’s settings because it has an LED display function. It is made of ABS so it is lightweight and portable. It is also rechargeable so you do not have to store batteries or worry about power source.

When you buy this product, you get a microderm tool, four probes, five sponges, a USB cable for charging, a product manual, and two silicone rings. That’s a lot with just a small price!



Having trouble with huge pores and rough skin? Imbeang’s personal microdermabrasion tool is the solution. It unclogs pores and tightens skin for a wonderful glow.

This microderm device has five suction intensity levels for you to choose from. Newbies to the microdermabrasion process may opt to choose the lowest intensity level for their first treatment.

Its vacuum suction technology removes blackheads and whiteheads effectively. You can customize the probes for a more effective treatment. The kit comes with four probes that bear different results and are for different areas of your face. Should you want to remove blackheads on your nose, use the two large hole probes. For the parts of your face with delicate and sensitive skin, use the small hole probe. The oval hole probe is for the corners of your mouth and eyes, nasal wing, and neck.

You will find this item easy to hold with minimal effort since its design is ergonomic, sleek, and slim. It is also compact and fits basically anywhere. In fact, you can let it stand on your beauty counter when not in use or put in your personal care pouch for you travels.

Monitoring the power changes and suction intensity is easy because of its display function. Your package includes a personal microdermabrasion tool, four beauty probes, one pack of filter sponges, a USB charging cable, and user manual. Staying beautiful becomes easy with this device.


It is now easier to improve your skin with this personal microderm tool by Beyond. This tool reduces grease and removes impurities from your face.

When it comes to the intensity level of the tool’s suction, you can choose from five adjustable gears. This ensures that you get the suction level appropriate for your skin.

You also get four probes: a large circular probe for strong suction, a small circular probe for gentle suction, a microcrystalline probe for exfoliation, and an oval probe for blackhead removal around the nose area.

Using this microderm tool is easy because of its ergonomic design with LCD display. It is light, portable, and rechargeable. You can just stuff it into your bag and bring with you anywhere. The kit has a microdermbrasion device, four removable probes, USB cable for charging, and a user manual.

Improve your skin and maintain that glow with this handy microdermabrasion device.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Personal Microdermabrasion Tool

Choosing your own personal microdermabrasion tool might turn out to be a difficult task when you do not know what you are looking for. Aside from how your tool looks like, you have to take into consideration factors or qualities that may affect your microdermabrasion experience. Doing so will give you a bang for your buck. Also bear in mind that what works for others might not exactly work for you. Before finalizing your purchase, take a look into these factors:

Type of Microdermabrasion Tool

In microdermabrasion, a tool’s abrasion and suction power is essential in getting the best results. In terms of abrasion, there are two types of tools that you can choose from:

Crystal microdermabrasion tools make use of crystals that are blasted to the face. The impact of the crystals on your skin removes the dead and dull layers leaving you with fresh and glowing skin.

Diamond microdermabrasion tools make use of a diamond tip. When the diamond tip comes in contact with your skin, dry layers of your skin are removed. As a result, you get better-looking skin.

Both types of microdermabrasion tools bear wonderful results to your skin. However, most people prefer the diamond tool over the crystal one. The diamond tool is good for sensitive skin and exfoliates better. The latter, on the other hand, can get messy especially when you are new to using it. Consider your preference and needs in determining which type you would like to buy.

Suction Power

It is a must for your personal microdermabrasion tool to have good suction power. After the abrasion part where dull skin cells are removed, the suction part takes place. The exfoliated particles are sucked in so it is fitting to have a tool with the right suction power.

We suggest you get a microdermabrasion tool with adjustable suction power. They say that the bigger the suction power is, the better your microdermabrasion session will be. However, having a tool with suction power options will make it easier for you to adjust when you are not comfortable with the results of your treatment.

Design and Ease of Use

When we say that you need to consider the design of your personal microdermabrasion tool, we want you to look at the item with ergonomics in mind. You have to pick a tool that looks and is easy to use. While having your treatment, you will be holding the tool for a period of time so you should have comfort when using it.

There are personal microdermabrasion tools that need electricity as a power source. This makes it hard to carry the item around. You can opt to get one with a chargeable battery that is portable and easy on the hands.

The weight of your tool also matters. Lightweight ones are better because you do not need to worry about its weight draining your energy. It’s nice to have a personal microdermabrasion tool that you can bring anywhere so you can have fresh-looking skin whenever you want.

Water-resistant and Waterproof Features

If you love soaking yourself in your tub, you can have your microdermabrasion treatment while having a soothing bath. Water-resistant and waterproof features are available in some microdermabrasion tools. Make sure you double check your item because water-resistant ones are not exactly waterproof. They can get wet but not submerged entirely in water. Always check the product label.


You should invest in a personal microdermabrasion tool that will not only yield good results but will also last long. A microdermabrasion treatment, even when done at home, is not a one-time deal. That means you will be using your tool frequently. The more you use your item, the more it will wear out. This is why you should get a durable microdermabrasion tool that you can use longer.

Though durable ones may cost more, you will save money in the long run because they do not break down easily and you do not need to get a new one.


Though not a necessity, it is great to have accessories and freebies come with your microdermabrasion kit. There are kits that come with free tips, filters, suction heads, and cases. You can also find great deals that have freebies such as face creams and balms.

Final Word

Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to achieve the radiant and glowing face that you want. Professional treatment might cost you a lot so if you are on a budget, you can do your own treatment at home.

There are a lot of personal microdermabrasion tools in the market. It is best that you know what your skin needs and what you prefer to be able to purchase the appropriate tool for you. Always remember that what works for others may not work for you.  See to it that you check the quality and features of the microderm tool that you are planning to buy to get the most out of your money.