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7 Acupressure Slipper Benefits for Aches and Pains


Using acupressure slippers can do wonders for our bodies. Just imagine how these carefully crafted massage slippers affect not just our feet, but our whole body and mind. 

These acupressure slippers are not your usual slippers. They are not the stuffed slippers you use in your bedroom, it is definitely more than that. 

What are acupressure slippers?

Acupressure slippers got the design and concept from Chinese Reflexology. Each nub or slipper pressure point is strategically placed on the sole. Just like the traditional acupuncture that provides relief on certain areas in our body, acupressure sandals work the same way.

Acupressure and footwear? Imagine getting a foot massage for a few minutes every day, wonderful right? 

Now, think about this – a foot massage while standing or even while walking, impossible, right? Well it is now possible thanks to this amazing innovation.

A lot of people say that our feet are the most used and at the same time the most ignored part of our body. That is actually true!

For one, it takes the weight of our body when we walk or stand. Just imagine how many hours we spend standing or walking when we are at work. What about the time we spend when we work out? See how our feet perform mightily every day – it is just so tiring!

Our feet also take on a lot of pressure every time we wear shoes, flip-flops or our favorite heels! 

If our feet can talk – they would complain and ask us to stop for a while, and request for a little pampering. 

Would it not be wonderful to wear comfortable trainers every day? What about going to the spa to get a foot massage every after a long day’s work – this can really have huge relief on our aching feet. We can do that, but it can cost us a lot!

Now a good question to ask ourselves is, how do you help your feet relax from all our daily activities? How can you get a foot massage without costing too much?

When do our feet get the downtime they have been longing for? What do we do to reward our feet and body from the stress that we go through every day? 

Surely we can grab our favorite essential oils and massage your feet before going to bed. Probably even soak your feet in warm water and just give it the relaxing warm sensation it needs.

There are others who would go the easiest route – raise your feet on top of pillows and let gravity work its magic. Ah just thinking about these makes me a want to get a deep foot massage!

Thinking about raising your feet now? 

Yes, these are indeed helpful strategies in reducing the pain we feel in our feet, but do you think this is enough? There might be a certain piece of the puzzle that is missing. What can we still do to keep our body in its tip top shape? What can we use to prevent or lessen the stress that our feet get every day? 

Have you considered using acupressure slippers or some would call it reflexology sandals?

Before you go searching on what reflexology slipper to get, or where to go get them lets talk first about how it works and what we can get from using it. Do you want to know how our body can benefit from these acupressure massage slippers? Read on. 

7 acupressure slipper benefits for aches and pains

I have read that our right and left feet reflect each side of our body. There are body parts, nerves and organs that benefit when you massage your left, and right foot. When you start using an acupressure slipper you are helping your body regain its natural balance. You are rekindling your body’s strength. It can help in reducing stress. It has the ability to reduce the pain that we might be feeling in certain areas of our body.

Let us focus on 7 benefits that you get from using a pair of reflexology sandals.

Goodbye Aches and Pains

Yes, you read that right. First on our list is all about saying goodbye to certain aches and pains that we feel. Before you take a pill every time you get a headache, think about an alternative pain reliever. Consider a pair of the acupressure slippers as your alternative medicine. 

Using your acupressure sandals every day helps our body recover from certain aches. Using these foot massage slippers reduce pains on certain areas of our body. It does not just help our feet relax, but our whole body – what about that! 

Each nub placed on these acupressure sandals have certain body areas it triggers. Just to give you an example, every time you apply pressure on your big toe there are nerves that get stimulated, this in return eases your headache.

Walking on your acupressure shoes for about 20 minutes a day helps relieve lower and upper back pains. If you use your massage slippers daily you would surely say goodbye from these aches and pains. 

Stimulates Better Sleep.

Have you experienced wanting to sleep so bad and snuggle up in bed, but just feel so restless? Your mind and body says doze off, but can’t get the sleep pattern you have been longing for. 

By putting on your acupressure sandals a few minutes a day you are effectively helping your body relieve stress. Every time the nodes of the slippers apply pressure on your feet it helps the body relax, and unwind. The nubs gently press on your feet’s nerves which helps in better blood circulation and in turn helps calm the nerves which promotes better wake and sleep patterns.

So you can now say adieu to insomnia and those sleepless nights! 

Eases Fatigue Symptoms.

We all experience fatigue. There are days when we experience this constant feeling of being tired, irritable or being weak. We often take the symptoms of fatigue for granted. When we feel tired we just rest, take a nap and continue on with our daily activity. The following day you still feel the same – it goes back in a circle, then it becomes a vicious cycle.

Did you know that most diseases and ailments are caused by fatigue? Taking a nap sometimes won’t take the cut. Our body wants more than just lying down on bed – our body needs to rejuvenate physically and mentally. That is what these acupressure slippers are made for! Using  acupressure slippers several minutes a day help the body and mind relax. When we feel relaxed we think, and move better. 

Combats Depression.

According to research about 240 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression. It is a serious matter, but people most of the time take it for granted. 

There are people who look for alternative ways on how to combat depression. There are some who prefer getting a good and deep body massage to feel good, and relaxed. 

If time does not permit you to go to the spa, but you badly needed that time to relax and uplift your spirit, why not try using acupressure massage slippers instead? 

According to reflexologists, massaging your feet using acupressure slippers reignites emotional stability and enhances mental health. 

There are acupressure spots on our feet that when pressed, it relaxes the nerves and tells the mind to relax, this is another way we can prevent symptoms of depression from arising. 

Useful in Improving Metabolism 

There are certain pressure points in our feet that when it is being massaged it improves digestion and can boost your metabolism. Using reflexology sandals regularly and accompanied with healthy eating habits, will definitely work wonders in our body. 

Use your acupressure slippers and make it part of your daily routine because it will lead you to a better you!

Promotes General Body and Mind Relaxation

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Ask yourself, “Why do we go to spas?” Why do we want to get a massage? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward – we want to relax! 

Yes, we all want to get our minds off from work. We long for certain downtime especially when we are stressed. 

We want to treat ourselves with the much needed time to relax. We want our body to just lie down and do nothing. If we can only go to the spa every day, it will put a smile on our faces. 

As much as we wanted to spend a day in the spa, we do not really have that luxury of time. Good thing that we now can buy acupressure shoes that can be a perfect spa alternative. 

When you use your acupressure slippers at least 30 minutes a day it promotes general body and mind relaxation. After a long hard day’s work – put on your acupressure slippers and let it do the work for you. 

Improves Overall Health of Your Feet.

Have you experienced the sudden pain in your ankles, legs or feet while walking? It is a bit disturbing especially if you are working out or just simply sitting. 

There are certain foot conditions that can be prevented just by merely using acupressure slippers. Wearing these slippers every day helps in massaging the muscles of our feet. 

Did you know that acupressure sandals can also help our ankles and feet become more flexible and stronger? You might be thinking, how will a massage slipper do that? Simple – the nubs on your foot massage slippers stimulate nerves and the muscles in your feet. As it gently massages the feet muscles it relieves pain, thus making it easier for us to walk and move around. 

Acupressure slipper advantages

The main advantage of using acupressure slippers is that it aids in keeping our body relaxed. The moving or rotating nubs strategically placed on each slipper, does the magic. 

The usual massage shoes you buy in the market have stationary nubs and it does not stimulate or target pressure points. An acupressure slipper uses an up and down, or twisting motion that helps release tension on the muscles. 

Another advantage in using an acupressure slipper is the convenience – you can use it anytime of the day. You can even bring it in the workplace and get some pampering while working. 

How acupressure slippers work.

Just like getting an acupressure massage where it uses the palms and fingers to apply pressure on the different parts of the body, the acupressure shoes rely on pressure points too.

Do not be confused with acupuncture from acupressure. There are a lot of people who get confused with acupuncture and think that the acupressure shoes also make use of needles. Acupressure relies on stimulating pressure points. The twisting or movable nobs is the key element in making it beneficial to the user. 

The nubs or some would call it as nodes are strategically located on each slipper as it aims to stimulate nerves and muscles. As the feet get stimulated through these “acupoints” it restores the body’s energy. It makes the body feel rejuvenated.  It helps facilitate an overall relaxation for the whole body. 

If you want to give our body the pampering it needs, then using these foot massage slippers will do the work. 

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How much time should you wear acupressure slippers?

In terms of using acupressure slippers or reflexology sandals, experts believe that you can use this fifteen to twenty five minutes every day.

It is important to note that in order for you not to strain your feet, and for you to experience the full benefit of a massage slipper, you have to gradually increase the time you wear these acupressure sandals. 

If it is your first time to use a massage slipper it is best to use it gradually. Ideally you can start by using it between three and five minutes a day for the first week. The reason why it is recommended for you to use it this way is to prevent any strain that the nodes may cause your feet muscles. Once your feet get accustomed with these nobs, you can now increase your usage ten to fifteen minutes a day. You can then progress to a maximum of 30 minutes a day. 

A word of caution though, once you experience pain after using your acupressure sandals stop from using it for the meantime. Seek help and advice from your therapist immediately. You will feel some soreness on your feet due to the nodes, but this should not cause any pain on your feet. 

Other reflexologists would also recommend putting on socks while using these foot massage slippers. The socks will help in easing any pressure you experience especially during the first week of using these slippers. 

Difference between a foot massage and using acupressure massage slippers.

Massaging your feet every day makes you feel good. There are certain points in your feet that when you touch it, or when you apply pressure, it makes you feel relaxed and even sleepy at times. The main reason why we massage our feet is to relieve stress. 

The difference in getting a foot massage and using an acupressure slipper is basically targeting the pressure points in our feet. The nubs or nodes found in an acupressure slipper are placed strategically in order to target nerve endings in our body. 

Based on some studies, massaging our feet at least three to five minutes a day helps in easing and managing pain. There are certain strokes and pressure points that you need to apply when you are massaging your feet. The acupressure slippers use the same concept. 

Where can you find or buy acupressure shoes?

It is important to ask your therapist or a reflexology expert on the best recommendation they can give when buying yourself a pair of acupressure massage slippers. It is best to have a good grasp of the benefits it gives you. 

There are acupressure slippers that you can buy online. You can get them on Amazon or eBay. You can also check on famous footwear brands if they have reflexology sandal designs. 

Final thoughts

There are indeed a lot of benefits we can get from using acupressure slippers. This article might not be enough if we list down all the benefits and advantages we will enjoy from using acupressure sandals. 

What is important to note is that using an acupressure slipper is not meant to replace any medical treatment. Acupressure is an alternative means in promoting a healthier lifestyle… a healthier you… a happier you!

If you want to wear foot massage slippers, ask around, seek assistance from people who are using acupressure slippers. Join groups or online discussions to be more knowledgeable on what, and where to buy acupressure shoes. 

As the adage goes – choose wisely! Remember you want to use an acupressure slipper because you want to experience the benefit it gives and not to harm yourself. It pays to be informed. It is indeed a great innovation that we can all enjoy and benefit from. 

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