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Sleep Like A Princess With Luxury Hotel Pillows

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If you ask us which Disney Princess we want to be as our life peg, we would very quickly answer Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty in a heartbeat. Why? Well, the lady sure is living the life all of us wants. She slept for years, woke up fresh, and even nabbed a prince after the end of her little nap to boot!

Sure, there may be some evil magic and true love’s kiss involved in that story somewhere, but you don’t need to be living in a fairytale to at least steal a piece of the life of an enchanted princess. Sleeping for years is not really highly recommended, but what is advisable (and doable!) for you is to upgrade your sleeping routine. How do you do this? By getting yourself some luxury pillows!

Now, we know many people scoff at the idea of investing in these sleeping partners. “It’s just a pillow! Why do you need to spend so much on it?”, “You just use it to rest your head on.” True, but what many don’t realize is how important sleep is to our lifestyle. It helps us refresh and restart and give us the energy we need to survive the day. Not to mention lack of sleep can pretty much render your intensive beauty routine useless. It doesn’t matter if you slather 99 products on your face. If you only get four hours of sleep, you can still expect some dark circles and eye bags, lady.

Why you should get luxury pillows? & Here are our 10 best luxury pillows for a hotel sleep experience!

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives sleeping? With that amount of time we spend snoozing, it doesn’t seem impractical at all to invest in hotel quality pillows. The thing is, even the slightest discomfort can affect the quality of our sleep–and this is where the difference between luxury and conventional pillows comes in.

Luxury hotel pillow brands are designed to give you superior comfort so that your environment is optimized to give you restful sleep. They are just the right height (so that you wouldn’t hurt your neck and back), made with the right materials (depending on your preference), and are built to last so you actually get to save more. If you’re drawing a blank on which type of pillow to get yourself, check out the list below of the different types you can consider:

  1. Gel Pillows

This type is made of individual layers of gel-infused memory foam. Unlike regular memory soft pillows that can absorb and retain body heat, gel pillows are designed to keep sleepers cool with its layers. These pillows can either have gel layers that line the interior and exterior of the pillow or contain gel-infused fills between its layers of memory foam or polyfoams. If you want to be a little more versatile with your sleeping experience, there are also brands that offer reversible models with non-gel sides.

We Recommend:

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

Product Specifications: Luxury plush gel pillow, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant

The Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow is something you should get if you like your sleeping aides durable yet comfortable. It contains super plush fiber gel while providing a no-shift construction design so your head gets a comfortable resting place for when you’re snoozing. It’s even dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant not to mention chemical- and allergen-free, making it perfect for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Pros: They are just the right weight, meaning they are just heavy enough to stay put on your bed even if you toss and turn at night.

Cons: If you want a little bit more neck and upper back support, you may find these pillows too soft for your liking.

Restorology Genius Pillow

Product Specifications: Cooling gel fiber filled pillow with sateen gusset, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic

The Restorology Genius Pillow prides itself on having a superior gusset construction that makes it part of our list of best hotel quality pillows. Its gusseted cover, combined with gel-fiber filling provides just the right structure that makes us feel like we are resting on a cloud. It is also designed to provide a no-shift sleeping experience so it stays put throughout the night. Like the Beckham Hotel Collection, it’s also resistant to mildew and dust, not to mention they are machine-washable so they are easy to maintain!

Pros: They provide just the right cooling sensation so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a soft block of ice. They also have pretty good and consistent neck and back support.

Cons: The pillows don’t easily fit standard size pillow covers so you may need to buy special ones for it.


HomeIdeas Bed Pillows

Product Specification: Soft plush fiber-fill, 3D Shape, designed for neck pain relief and side sleepers

Here’s one brand that has basically everything covered. HomeIdeas Bed Pillows are made with 100 percent cotton cover and firm plush fiber complete with a 233 thread count. In addition to its 3D shape that promises to never go flat for at least three years, it is designed for those who sleep on their back, stomach–even those who are pregnant! You can add or remove some fabric filling to adjust it according to your comfort and its fiber-fill even conforms to your sleep position. Talk about versatility!

Pros: HomeIdeas’ customizable features lets you make adjustments depending on what you prefer for the night. Its fluffy microfiber filling is also very breathable so you don’t feel suffocated and hot.

Cons: Some find it a little too soft to provide the neck support they need.


Xtreme Comforts Luxury Plush Gel Pillows

Product Specifications: Infused Fiber filled pillow, adjustable loft, Cool-X Cooling cover

This brand of hotel collection pillows doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing sleeping comfort. Xtreme’s pillows use the best technology to give a hotel-like sleeping experience! It offers twice the cooling power of other gel pillows through its PCM phase change material that uses a technology originally created by NASA. Just how serious can that get, right? This technology works by absorbing the heat from the body and releasing it again in lower temperatures to cool you down. As if that isn’t enough, the brand also has a gel fiber filling that provides maximum air circulation for additional cooling. Just like HomeIdeas, you can also adjust this pillow’s thickness, making it ideal for anyone, whatever type of sleeper they are.

Pros: Provides good support because of its customizable feature and delivers on its cooling promise.

Cons: The pillow can tend to slide sometimes because of the texture of its cover so better if you buy a separate pillowcase for it.


SOFT Exquisite Hotel Gel Pillows

Product Specifications: Peachy soft microfiber gusseted shell, dust and mite resistant, hypoallergenic, made for stomach sleepers

This luxury hotel pillow from Exquisite is made of 100 percent poly microfiber and contains superior gel-fiber filling that is complemented by its 220 thread count polyester microfiber cover. Made for stomach sleepers, this pillow is designed to help maintain proper body alignment. It even claims to help combat health conditions caused by poor sleep like arthritis, neck pain, and sciatica. Oh, and it’s vegan, too!

Pros: Though the brand markets itself for stomach sleepers, this pillow from Exquisite makes a good option for side sleepers too! They provide just the right softness so you won’t feel like drowning on them.

Cons: Not for those who are expecting some firmness on their pillows. You can squish them and make them malleable according to your preference though.

FIRM Exquisite Hotel Luxury Down-Alternative Pillows

Product Specifications: Peachy firm microfiber gusseted shell, firm density, gel-filled, made for side and back sleepers

This firm version of the Exquisite Soft hotel style pillows is, from its name, made of the same peachy microfiber gusseted shell, but on a much more firm quality. It also has the same 220 thread count polyester microfiber cover that amps up its superior gel fiber filling feature. Unlike the soft version, this one from Exquisite is marketed to be made especially for side and back sleepers.

Pros: Provides good back and neck support. What we love about Exquisite’s collection of luxury pillows is its range of models that fit any kind of sleeper!

Cons: Its size is hard to fit even in the largest pillowcases so you may need to customize.


  1. Down Luxury Hotel Pillows

Once upon a time, down pillows are considered as the best pillows ever. Before the invention of memory foams and gel pillows, this variety is the go-to choice for anyone who is on a mission to get quality sleep. Not to say they are no longer popular now, but down pillows–since they are made from the back, wing, and chest feathers of geese and ducks–can tend to trigger allergies on some.

However, they are also known for their ability to properly support the curve of the head and neck, giving natural but customized support. Because of their materials, they are also quite effective in allowing airflow around the neck and head, making for a comfortable sleep. In terms of durability, these types of pillows are said to last for up to 20 years with proper care and cleaning. Since they contain natural materials though, they need more strict maintenance than regular cotton, memory foam, and gel pillows.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a down pillow but do not want to take chances of catching allergies, there are several alternatives that can provide you both. Check out our choices below:

We recommend:

Digital Decor Cotton Hotel Down-Alternative Pillows

Product Specifications: 100 percent cotton, three comfort levels

Using the highest quality premium virgin materials, this down alternative luxury pillows from Digital Decor provides just the right breathability, comfort, and firmness for those who want quality sleep. One of the strongest suits of the collection is that it comes in multiple fill weights so that you can choose the best one depending on your sleeping position. There’s the Silver Label for stomach and back sleepers which are lightly filled. And then there’s the medium firm filled Gold Label for back sleepers and those with narrower shoulders. These pillows are also hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

Pros: Provides the right support you need with its two labels that you can choose from. Breathable and comes in just the right softness.

Cons: May require a bit of break-in period before you can enjoy its best firmness.


The Duck and Goose Co. Down Alternative Pillow

Product Specifications: 2” Gusset, 100 percent cotton cover, hypoallergenic

This down alternative pillow from The Duck and Goose Co. is specially crafted with 100 percent siliconized blown cluster polyester–a material that feels just as soft as natural down feathers but provides shape and support to the pillow for exceptional comfort. This pillow claims to be perfect for side sleepers thanks to its gusset feature that enables its shape to fill the space between the head and the shoulder for proper spine alignment. When it comes to texture, the Duck and Goose Co. aims to please with its stylish damask design pillow cover that is made of 100 percent cotton and with a 300 thread count. We gotta say, its elegant Jacquard weave with a satin-piped edge is pleasing to the eyes, too!

Pros: Not only is this great in providing support when you’re sleeping, it can stand as a pretty good back support too if you like reading in bed! It comes with just the right softness and is pliable as promised.

Cons: It does tend to get hot sometimes. If you’re iffy about that, better go with gel pillows instead.

Queen Anne Pillow Company Heavenly Down Hypoallergenic Luxury Pillow

Product Specifications: Synthetic Down alternative, allergy-free

Its name is quite a mouthful, but the Queen Anne does deliver what it promises. And that’s you sleeping like a royalty. The brand, which is a supplier to some of the best hotels in the industry, has produced a collection you can take home to mimic the same luxe experience with its synthetic down polyester cluster fill pillow that is digitally calibrated. It is marketed to cater to stomach sleepers but the pillows’ firmness can be adjusted to cater to your particular needs. Each Queen Anne pillow delivers aesthetically well, too, with its 100 percent cotton cover with purple piped edges.

Pros: The pillows are soft and moldable without losing its shape when you adjust it. It has the feel of a very durable product, too.

Cons: The medium fill pillow may be too firm compared to other medium fills from other brands.

Continental Bedding Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow

Product Specifications: 100 percent White Goose Down Pillow, made with Egyptian cotton, 400 Thread Count, 550 Fill Power

Now if you want to really splurge and keep it truly natural, we suggest you get Continental Bedding’s Premium White Goose Down Luxury Pillow. This brand is a littttle bit pricey because it is made of 100 percent 550 fill power pure white goose down, but you’ll surely be sleeping like a babe with its quality. Besides from providing the support natural down pillows are known for, this pillow amps up the ante by using 100 percent Egyptian Cotton and a 400 thread count.

Pros: The fill quantity is perfect for back and side sleepers and the pillow holds its shape well as compared to other feathered pillows.

Cons: On the other hand, the fill quantity can be a bit too much for stomach sleepers.


What to look for in the best luxury pillows:

Now that you have an idea where to buy pillows, it’s time you put your priorities in order when looking for the best one for your needs. It is easy to get overloaded with information, especially if you are not that familiar with terms like fill quantity, pillow height, etc., so we listed a couple of qualities you should prioritize when you go pillow shopping.

  1. Pillow Type

While we only listed two types of pillows here, there are other pillow options that you can also check out like those made with memory foam or cotton. The important thing is to look for the kind that fits your personal concerns. For example, some people have some issue about memory foams having too much chemicals, cotton ones being a little disappointing when it comes to longevity, and down pillow types being unusable for those with allergies. The first thing you should ask yourself is your priority when it comes to your sleeping comfort.

  1. Firmness

No matter how stellar the reviews are on hotel quality pillows, it wouldn’t work on you if your sleeping style doesn’t match it. When considering the firmness level, it is best to look at how you sleep. Though it is still different for everyone, some experts recommend medium-firm pillows for back sleepers and those with no specific sleeping position, soft pillows for those who sleep on their stomachs, and firm pillows for side sleepers.

  1. Fill Power

Fill power is basically the quantity of filling a pillow has. Generally, the higher the number of the fill power, the better the quality and longevity of the pillow. There is a science to this, however, since an 800 fill power doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be tougher than those with 600 fill power. To better explain, 600 FPs have clusters that are smaller than a dime, which means that you can fit more of them into a pillow. On the other hand, an 800 FP can have clusters that are bigger than a US quarter which means you can’t pack as much of them on a pillow. So in terms of firmness and longevity, a 600 FP pillow can last longer than an 800 FP one.

  1. Size

Again, this one boils down to your preference, but if you’re looking for a benchmark, most people find standard-sized ones already sufficiently large. Larger pillows are alright as long as they properly support your back, neck, and overall posture. The right thickness should let you sleep with your head, neck, and shoulders all aligned with your spine.

It’s also important to use the right covers for your pillows. Forcing one in a too small casing can make your pillow clump up, while using a too large cover may have your pillow slipping and sliding all over as you sleep.

  1. Fabric

Speaking of pillow covers, it is always recommended to use breathable and natural fabrics on your pillows. Using pillowcases help extend the life of your pillow, not to mention keep it hygienic too. Silk pillowcases are a luxurious choice if you want to add an extra bit of flair to your sleeping ritual, but they aren’t recommended if you put on night creams and other face products that might stick to it. On the other hand, there have been claims that sleeping with silk pillow covers can help prevent aging because of their smooth surface that doesn’t tug on your skin.

How to know if it is time to change your pillow?

As long as you can sleep on it, it’s still okay, right? Not quite. If you’re not sure whether to ditch your pillow or not, try to do the fold test. You can do this by folding the pillow in half and seeing if it springs back to its shape or not. If it is the latter, it means it doesn’t have the support it used to have. For natural pillows, do the same thing but fold it over your arm. If the sides hang limply, then it means it’s used up its firmness. Have a large pillow? Fold it into three sections instead of two.


We must admit that pillows aren’t automatically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pampering yourself. However, it’s time to break that mentality now that you have been schooled about the importance of sleep and how these sleeping aides affect it. Besides, who wants to toss and turn in their sleep, right? Invest in any of the luxury hotel pillows mentioned above and wake up looking like Aurora the next time you sleep. Who knows, you might meet your Prince Charming, too~