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Mirror, mirror, on the wall: The 10 Best Vanity LED Light Mirrors 2018

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Which is the best of them all?

Any beauty lover knows that a vanity counter wouldn’t be complete without a good LED mirror. You see them on the tabletops of your favorite beauty vloggers or maybe on your Instagram feed when your favorite model/actress/social influencer posts a good BTS photo of her getting dolled up. Nevertheless, a vanity mirror with lights is not just for the pros. It can make wonders for you when you’re getting ready, too!

If you still haven’t gotten yourself a makeup table with lights or a lighted makeup mirror, you’re at a good place to start. Below, we list the ten best light up makeup mirrors to help you with your choice.

  1. SimpleHuman Mini Sensor Lighted Makeup Travel Mirror

Product specifications: 5” round, 10x magnification, made of stainless steel, rechargeable

This travel lighted makeup mirror definitely lives up to its name. It’s simple, sleek, but definitely packs a punch when it comes to function. The SimpleHuman Travel Mirror has a TRU-LUX light system that is designed to simulate natural sunlight so you won’t have to suffer from overdoing your makeup because of a harsh glare. Also, its light system will let you have an easier time color-correcting your makeup while its 10x magnification feature helps in making sure you see the smallest of details.

The Pros: True to its name, this brand is designed for travel. It comes with a sleek hard case that makes sure it doesn’t get damaged on your carry-on when you travel. If you’re going on vacation and is set on looking perfect on your every selfie, totting the SimpleHuman Travel Mirror will make dolling up on the go easy-peasy.

The Cons: Because it is travel-sized, some people find it too small to actually see what they are doing when applying their makeup. You might need to move here and there and lean a little bit to catch every pore you want to be covered.


  1. Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

Product Specifications: 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs, Touch Control Design

Looking for a Hollywood-style vanity mirror with lights but don’t want something that will eat up the whole space of your vanity table? The Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror is your best bet with its classic design inspired by those lighted vanity table mirrors you see in professional makeup studios and backstage dressing rooms. Though more compact in size, this model doesn’t cut corners when it comes to making you feel like a true professional! You can easily choose between a warm glow of 4,000K color temp to a cooler light of 6,000K depending on where you are most comfortable. It also comes with a smart touch technology that lets you adjust the brightness easier. Pretty neat, huh?

Pros: The adjustable temps and brightness are very flexible and can suit the comfort of any makeup user, depending on the light of the room.

Cons: The smart control touch buttons can sometimes be finnicky to the touch and may not instantly respond.


  1. Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Product Specifications: 1x/7x magnification, elegant 7 x 9.5-inch oval design

The Conair Makeup Mirror is simple, sleek, and straight-forward in what it does. It provides a soft halo lighting that is bright enough for you to tweeze out the smallest of eyebrow hairs, and you can flip it depending on what kind of reflection you need for your makeup. The 7x magnification side is perfect for making sure that your cut crease is as sleek as a stiletto heel, while the regular 1x magnification will let you do bigger makeup tasks like putting on foundation in peace.

Pros: Sleek and compact, the Conair Makeup Mirror is ideal for those with limited space on their vanities. Its stylish, polished chrome finish doesn’t hurt the eyes as well!

Cons: The model can tend to heat up sometimes when used for long periods. Not hot enough to burn, but safer to not leave it on for hours alone!


  1. Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

Product Specifications: Adjustable 3.5 inches, 10x Magnification Spot Mirror; Two Power Supplies

The Gotofine Vanity model is not just any regular mirror with lights around it. Its design and features covers everything you might be looking for in the best light up makeup mirror! It uses a next-generation LED lighting system that simulates natural light to make sure that your makeup is color-corrected and it comes with a touch-sensor technology that lets you adjust the brightness. This model, moreover, provides two power modes: you can plug it in if you’re at home and use batteries or a USB cord if you are out and about! But the real winner about this is its portable and distortion-free 10X magnification spot mirror that lets you see the smallest of details–yes, even those you might be in denial about after spotting!

Pros: Its LED lighting system lives up to its promise in providing just the right amount of light that can stand on its own even in a very dimly lit room! Its touch sensors are very responsive, too, and the 10x magnification mirror is great for those who are serious with details.

Cons: The battery-powered option doesn’t last long enough. Battery juice can also affect the intensity of the lights.


  1. DeWEISN RICHEN Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Product Specifications: 21 LED LIghts, Touch screen, 3x/2x/1x Magnification Mirror, Two Power Supply

Calling all rose gold lovers: if you are fascinated with anything that comes in this shade, the DeWEISN RICHEN Vanity mirror is a definite must-have to your beauty loot. It is supported with 21 LED lights (yes, 21!) and comes in a three-fold set-up that provides wide angle viewing so you wouldn’t have to rotate the mirror–and your head–too much much. Its side-view mirror panels can be adjusted for custom viewing in three magnification modes (3x/2x/2x) with its touchscreen and it comes with two power supply options for when you need to take it with you on the go.

Pros: Its triple-fold design is a blessing to those who are lazy to flip mirrors, and its 21 LED lights provide intelligent brightness through its touch sensor switch.

Cons: The DeWEISN RICHEN’s light may not be as powerful when it runs on batteries as compared to when it is plugged in.


  1. BeautyWorks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror

Product Specifications: 36 LED Lights, Touch-Screen Light control, Tri-Fold with 1x 2x and 3x Magnification Sections, USB Powered, Battery Powered

The BeautyWorks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror is like the sleeker, bigger sister of the DeWEISN with its minimalist design and 36 LED Lights. Also a Tri-fold, it provides amazing angles and magnifications with its 1x, 2x, and 3x zoom in options. Its lighting uses the most optimized glow for better makeup application and you can easily rotate it 180 degrees to make sure you can check your makeup from every angle.

The Pros: Its tri-fold design and different magnification panels lets you check out your makeup quickly and without fuss. It can also be charged through USB so you can take it with you on-the-go.

The Cons: Like its other tri-fold younger sister, its charge and battery-powered option don’t last very wrong. Some may also find its design plasticky and a little flimsy.


  1. BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror

Product Specifications: 21 LED Lights, 3x/2x Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror, Touch Screen, 180 degrees adjustable rotation, Two Power Supplies

Another Tri-fold cosmetic mirror with lights option for those who do not want to miss ANY detail when doing their makeup rituals! The BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror comes with 21 LED light that–just like its first two other sisters on this list–can be adjusted through the touch sensor switch. The strength of this model is on its mirror panels which lets you catch even the smallest of details without having to adjust the whole mirror. It is designed to be detachable, too, so you can take it with you for your midday touch-ups.

Pros: Excellent magnification provided by its three panels and good light adjustment with its touch sensors. The size is perfect for travel, too.

Cons: The mirror already weighs around a pound without its batteries so it can total around two pounds and a half with them on. Depending on your preference, some people can find this mirror a bit heavy for travel.


  1. Absolutely Lush Lighted Makeup Mirror

Product Specifications: Tri-Fold 1x 2x 3x, Touch Screen Dimming, HD Clarity Cosmetic Light Up

Another contestant in the running for the best tri-fold LED mirror with lights, the Absolutely Lush Lighted Makeup Mirror offers the same features as the others mentioned here but with some extra pizzazz. The model boasts of its “Cosmetic Touch” a feature that enables you to dim the lights to your liking when you press and hold its sensitive touch button. The Absolutely Lush, true to its name, also promises to provide high definition clarity with its quality mirrors even made better by its ring of light surrounding its main mirror panel. This model is also designed to be portable and lightweight, so you can plug it via USB or use AAA batteries.

The Pros: The ring of light on the corners of the main mirror replicates natural lighting so you are sure you won’t be overwhelming or underwhelming on your makeup. Unlike the other tri-fold models, this one is said to perform well even when running on batteries.

The Cons: Only the main panel is piped with the lighting so you might not get the same ultra-sharp clarity on the other panels.


  1. Beautural 10x Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Product Specifications: Natural White LED, 360 Degree Swivel Rotation, Locking Suction

Beautural is for every beauty lover out there who is a nomad when it comes to doing their makeup–meaning they do it wherever, whenever! We love it for its locking suction mechanism that lets you stick it to any clean and dry surface, so you can easily do your makeup even when you’re in the bathroom, pressed for time. Its LED power is no joke as well, with its circular LED Light ring that gives off a natural glow that reflects true colors and cancels out shadows. Adjust it however you want to catch any angle and detail with its 10x magnifying feature!

The Pros: Its natural light and 10x magnifying feature are bound to become a favorite to all those who are serious about details. Did we already say portable and compact, too?

The Cons: Its size may be an issue for some, especially with its circular design. You might need to do some adjusting here and there to see all angles.


  1. Easehold LED Vanity Mirror Makeup

Product Specifications: Tri-fold, 21 LED Lights, 180 degrees rotation

The last player in our list of the best light up makeup mirrors is another tri-fold! The Easehold LED Vanity Mirror also has 21 LED lights that can be adjusted with a touch of its sensors. Unlike the other tri-folds on this list, however, this one does not offer any magnifying options. But what it does give is a good wide angle of your face when you’re working. It can be plugged in via USB and works with batteries as well!

Pros: Its wide-angle view lets you scrutinize every part of your face without making major adjustments and rotating of the mirror.

Cons: The mirror doesn’t tend to stay at one angle. It tends to move back to its original position so may have to adjust it a few times while doing your makeup.


Wrap Up:

Many of us think that having the right makeup and tools are the only things that are essential when trying to perfect your look. To really ace it though, you need great helpers, like any of these mirrors below. Tell us which one’s your favorite!