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Our Comprehensive Guide to Buying the DreamCloud Mattress!

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were sleeping on a cloud, surrounded by soft pillows and foam embracing your tired body, now you can – with DreamCloud Mattress. Although sleep is a necessity in everyday life, the sad truth is that a lot of people treat it as a luxury and only indulge in the correct amount of sleep on the weekend – if that. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that when you do get some sleep the quality of your sleep is top notch and is the best that you can possibly get. Not many people consider their mattress when they decide to furnish their home. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture you can buy, even though it is one of the best investments you can make in order to improve your quality of life. Yes, it’s true – if you want to be able to sleep well and wake up feeling rested, one of the biggest things that can help you with that is a good mattress.

This is the exact reason why a lot of premium mattress brands have been around for a very long time. Many people have decided to spend their money on a tempurpedic mattress, and for good reason. They simply treat it as an investment, and rightfully so. There are some really good mattresses out there, but they can be really expensive; just look at the Tempur Breeze price and you might just have a heart attack. Nevertheless, a Tempurpedic cloud mattress can really mean the difference between you waking up feeling well rested and you feeling like you haven’t slept at all. Mattress is can be expensive it’s true, but it is usually for a very good reason.

If you are one of the many who feel like they haven’t slept in ages – and you finally want to do something about it, then you are at the right place. We’re here to help you know more about the DreamCloud Mattress so that you can possibly make a life changing decision to help you finally get the better quality of sleep that your body very deeply craves.

What is a DreamCloud Mattress?

First things first, let’s talk about what exactly a DreamCloud mattress is. This mattress is one of the best available out on the market today. It is a hybrid using a combination of many different components such as memory foam, coils, and a pillow top. It’s becoming the talk of the town in terms of reviews online, and it might just be for a very good reason. This product has different layers that offer you comfort as well as support to help you improve your sleep. This cloud mattress also offers you a cooler night of sleep due to pocketed inner spring coils and the gel memory foam included in its comfort layer. Underneath, you will find polyfoam and memory foam layers. On the very top, where you lie down, you will find a very plush quilted pillow top/Euro-top that is made from different foams.

This medium firm feel mattress allows you to relax in lush comfort without sacrificing support. Do note that because it’s medium firm, you won’t be able to ‘sink’ into this mattress. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the right mattress for you. Instead, choose this mattress if you want to keep your body aligned all night. This mattress is great for people who like to lie on their back or stomach when they sleep.

DreamCloud is a brand of mattress that has been taking the internet by storm. It’s a “bed-in-a-box” so to speak, essentially sold online and delivered to you so that you can experience the best sleep of your life. It is a luxury quality product, at a lower price than what you would pay for a product like the Tempur Breeze. This 15-inch bed in a box is so much better than the other options you’ve seen from other companies in the past, and we are going to go completely in-depth to help you see why that is.

This mattress is available in twin, twinXL, full, queen, king, and cal king.

Who Sells DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud mattresses are made by – drumroll… the company DreamCloud. If you’re looking to purchase it off Amazon, you are out of luck – this item can only be purchased on the official website. Fortunately, you can find many coupon codes available online that will help to reduce the price by up to $200 when you purchase this mattress.

Who makes DreamCloud Mattress and Where is it Made?

As we have previously mentioned, the DreamCloud company makes this Tempur cloud mattress lookalike. Well, it’s not exactly the Tempur Breeze mattress, but it really is quite similar. They have made sure to thoughtfully design their hybrid mattress so that it offers the best balance of support and lush comfort. Their mattresses are sold and fulfilled from their facility in Washington state in the United States. However, the mattresses themselves are made in China. Don’t let that scare you away though – despite them being made in China, they are still made with only the best and most premium materials. These materials are sourced from all over the world before being put together into this amazing product that will help you get the sleep that your body deserves.

What is the DreamCloud Mattress Made From?

The DreamCloud mattress is made of a bunch of materials sourced from all over the world. The manufacturer has made sure to include only the best and most premium materials to ensure that you get the quality that you have paid for. This mattress is 15 inches thick in total and is comprised of 8 layers that all work together to give you the DreamCloud luxury feel.

Let’s talk about these different layers:

  • The base layer for the entire bed is made out of dense support foam.
  • There are 8-inch pocketed coils that act as the primary framework of support for this mattress. The innersprings are wrapped individually and help in providing breathability. It also helps with reducing motion transfer, or the ability to feel someone else moving on the bed while you are on it.
  • A transition foam is used as additional support as well as to act as the transition after the firm pocketed coils below.
  • Gel memory foam is used as the comfort layer as well as the layer that offers deep pressure relief. It also helps to keep your body cool as you sleep. This is especially handy in the summer months, as it can also help to make you less dependent on air conditioning.
  • The topper on this mattress is a quilted Eurotop made of 2 different comfort foam layers. This 1.5-inch quilted topper is new to the mattress, a feature added just this August of 2019 (prior to this, the quilted top made use of cashmere). The cover is made of 100% polyester and is not replaceable or removable so if you want to clean it, you can hire DreamCloud’s professional cleaning service. This cleaning service becomes available to you when you reach the end of the trial period (365 days). The company also offers a refurbishing service to make your mattress like new after you have owned it for 5 years. A tip that we do have to help protect your non removable cover is to purchase a mattress protector. However, this is an additional cost on top of your already expensive mattress.

Where to Find DreamCloud Mattress?

The cloud mattress is available online through the official DreamCloud website – and unfortunately that’s the only place you can buy it from. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing though – through the official website you are guaranteed that the item is legitimate, and you are getting all of the official benefits such as the trial period and the free delivery. As we have mentioned, you can find coupons online to help with the cost of this bed.

Although it’s only available on the official website, you may find other DreamCloud products and accessories on other online retailers.

How does DreamCloud mattress ship?

You may be asking yourself “how does the company ship this mattress?” – And to be honest, that is a very valid question period after all, the mattress must weigh a ton, considering all of the layers and foam that they used on it. Not to mention the innerspring coils. If you are worried about having to pay a fortune for shipping this heavy mattress, fortunately you don’t have to fret because DreamCloud mattresses ship for free (in the 48 contiguous states).

There are some accounts of people online saying that it took a while for their dream cloud matters is to arrive, but this is not the case with everybody. According to reports and feedback from people who have purchased this mattress before, it took around 2 to 3 weeks on average for their mattress to arrive. Therefore, this should be the period of time that you can reasonably expect your new DreamCloud to arrive. Because of this, you shouldn’t expect your mattress to arrive the next day after ordering it. Some patience is required, and other arrangements for sleeping furniture might also be needed until the item gets delivered.

Even though this mattress is advertised as a bed in a box, it actually arrives rolled up in a bag. However, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever whether it arrives in a box or in a bag so you don’t even have to pay this any thought at all. That said, this mattress is heavy, so you might want to have a friend or family member around to help you bring it to your bedroom and set it up. You also have the option to have the company help you with setting up this mattress – DreamCloud does offer an in-home white gloved delivery setup or mattress removal service for a fee.

It’s worth noting that once your DreamCloud mattress arrives, your 365-night trial period begins. Yes, you do get a trial period for this mattress – an entire year risk free to try out this bed. That is plenty of time to decide whether you want to return it or if you like it enough to keep it. So, if you were wondering where to try DreamCloud mattress, this is the answer.

The trial period is risk free because if at any point during your first year owning this mattress you decide that you don’t like it, all you have to do is contact customer support and they will help you with the rest. Once you have put in the request for a return, they will schedule a 3rd party crew to go and pick up your mattress for no additional cost incurred. After this, all you need to do is to let the company know that your item has been picked up. Once you have provided proof that the item is no longer with you, they will issue you your full refund.

Dream cloud mattresses also come with what the company calls the “Everlong Warranty”. The Everlong Warranty is essentially a limited warranty for the entire lifetime of your product. It guarantees that your item will have no defects at all in its materials and in its workmanship for as long as you own and use it. if you want to know more about this policy, you may find out more about it on the official DreamCloud website.

Pros and Cons

We’ve done a lot of talking about this mattress in general. We’ve talked about its features, how it’s shipped, where it’s sold, how you can try it, and so on – but what we haven’t done is talk about the pros and cons of this particular mattress. We honestly can’t in good conscience write a comprehensive guide and review without letting you know the pros and cons of the DreamCloud mattress – so here they are:


  • This mattress is great for people who enjoy the feeling of memory foam that is firm
  • It works great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, but it also works for combo sleepers
  • This bed works for all body types making it versatile enough to handle even heavier folks
  • You can purchase a decent size of this bed for around or under $1000 (queen and below) making it great for people who are on a budget
  • 365 day trial period – risk free
  • Free delivery in contiguous 48 US States
  • Lifetime limited warranty (“Everlong Warranty”)


  • For people who are looking for a soft mattress, unfortunately this is not the right bed for you. This mattress is medium firm and so you won’t get that “sinking” feeling
  • For petite people who sleep on their sides, this might not also be the choice for you

Customer Feedback

Just like you would look for a Tempur Breeze Review if you’re in the market for that mattress, you would want to look for feedback about the DreamCloud mattress too.

There are plenty of articles available on the Internet about people’s experiences with this mattress in particular. To be quite honest, We still suggest that you try this product for yourself before you make any judgments with whoever – after all with a yearlong risk free trial period available, what have you got to lose?

But here’s what some people had to say about this mattress:

Materials, Quality, and Luxury Feel

In terms of this bed’s general construction and build, many people agree that it truly feels quite luxurious. With 8 layers of different types of foam and individually wrapped coils, this mattress felt premium to most. Many have rated the materials and quality of this bed around 9.5 out of 10 – quite a good score for a product that sells at a fraction of the Tempur Breeze price.


To put it simply, many people agree that this bed sleeps quite cool. Lying down on this bed, you won’t feel as though you are sweating or getting too hot – something that happens in some beds with foam that does not breathe as well. So if you live in an area that is usually warm or definitely gets too hot in the summers, this bed is a great choice for you. On average, people have rated this product around 9.2 out of 10 for cooling.

Comfort & Support

In terms of comfort and support, this mattress has been rated around 9.3 out of 10 on average. It doesn’t quite work as well for those who are petite side sleepers, but for everybody else, this bed is amazing. The edge support on this mattress is above average as well, making it fantastic for people who constantly get cornered into the edge of the bed by the people they share their beds with.

Value for Money

To be quite honest – and this is something that many people who have purchased this bed have agreed upon – this bed offers insane value for money. With how premium it feels and how well it’s constructed, you wouldn’t really feel as though this bed costs only a fraction of what some other mattresses might cost. Considering the fact that DreamCloud offers free delivery to everyone in the 48 states, along with the fact that they offer a yearlong risk-free trial period, it’s easy to see why this bed offers amazing value for money.

Reasons Why You Should Pick The DreamCloud Mattress

If everything that we’ve already mentioned isn’t enough to convince you why this bed is a great choice, here are some reasons why you might want to look into this item.

  • This bed is medium firm and offers plenty of support for stomach and back sleepers. This type of bed truly provides plenty of support to make sure that your body stays aligned and that you don’t wake up with a sore back.
  • The DreamCloud Mattress offers premium construction using only the best materials sourced from all over the world. This mattress is quite hefty and despite its affordable price, is made to compete with other mattress is that are under the category of luxury. Therefore, if you want a mattress that will last you for a long time and feels great to sleep on, this is the choice.
  • This bed can handle pretty heavy wait, designed to accommodate those who way under or over 250 pounds.
  • DreamCloud does offer an unbeatable 365-night trial period, giving you an entire year’s worth of time to make sure you actually want to keep this bed. This absolutely makes up for the fact that you cannot try this item before you purchase it. There are very few other beds available online or anywhere else that offer a trial period this long period.
  • The Everlong warranty is certainly something to consider. It might now be lifetime per se, but it certainly offers better support than most 10-year warranties do.
  • If you share your bed with somebody, edge support is something that you want to consider. If the person you share the bed with is hogging the bed and you are left hugging the side or the edge of your mattress, you will find that this bed does not crumple under you. It will offer you ample support so that you won’t feel like you’re about to fall off.


This mattress is for you if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress that is extremely high quality. Using all sorts of materials such as memory foam, gel foam, innerspring coils that are individually wrapped, and a special pillow top, this is the mattress for you. It’s great for even heavier folk and works amazingly for people who love to sleep on their stomach and their back (combo sleepers too). If your working budget is around $1000 or even less, this mattress is certainly something to consider, especially considering their one-year trial period!

If you like this review and are interested in learning more about other products that may help improve your life, please do check out our other articles below. Also, don’t sleep on this and use our coupon to take $200 off your first DreamCloud Mattress!