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8 Best spa bath pillows for a luxurious bath experience

There are a lot of spa bath pillows in the market right now and we know that it is going to be challenging for you to choose which one of them you should purchase. In this article we will discuss  a few different spa bath pillows in the market today. And, we have narrowed it down to feature the 8 best spa bath pillows for a luxurious bath experience based on the most number of reviews, top selling and top-rated. 

What is a bath head cushion?

Is this the first time you heard about a bath head cushion? Well, it’s actually a “pillow” you use when taking a spa bath. It normally has suction cups and is used to lay your head and cushion your shoulders to have a more relaxing spa bath. Normally, it is made of mesh, is washable and waterproof.

Where can I buy a home spa bath pillow?

spa bath pillow

Spa bath pillows can be purchased online under the bath and bed section of your favorite online selling platforms.  Some of the online selling platforms that showcase the spa bath pillow are Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

What does a spa pillow do?

A spa bath pillow is recommended for people who love to soak in water when taking a bath – making their bath time more relaxing and refreshing.  In general, a spa bath pillow is used to make it comfortable for you to lie in your bathtub, preventing possible neck strain that you may suffer after sitting in a tub for a long period of time.

Can a spa bath pillow be used as a therapeutic pillow?

Although spa bath pillows are sometimes stuffed with memory foam and they support your back, neck and shoulders, bath pillows are designed for use in a water environment. These spa bath pillows are intended to be used as your protection against neck strain during a bath. If your purpose is to use the pillow for therapeutic purposes, we strongly suggest buying therapeutic pillows instead so it can serve its purpose.

8 Best Spa bath pillows

  1. Bath Pillow By Soothing Company

Experience a luxurious spa bath by using this machine washable, mold/mildew resistant bath pillow. Its quilted 3D  mesh construction helps it to dry quickly, always smells fresh and clean, and super hygienic. With its 6 suction cups, this bath pillow stays in place and won’t slip and slide. Pampering and revitalizing yourself in the tub would never be impossible again with this luxurious Soothing Company Bath Pillow. Be it warm or cold bath, this bath pillow does not fail its purpose of providing strategic support for your head and neck through its wave pattern stitches. It also conforms to your body’s contours giving you customized cushioning.

Pros :

  • Relaxing – its quilted design provides strategic support for your tender and sensitive areas like your spine and vertebrae.
  • Comfortable – you won’t get a strained neck or backache after sitting in the tub for a long period of time – thanks to its quilted design which conforms to your body’s contours  giving you customized cushioning.
  • Hygienic – made with Anti-Mildew / Quick Dry Material – with constant airflow, this fast-drying bath pillow will not form any mold/mildew making it clean and super hygienic.
  • Secure – with 6 suction cups helping it to firmly stick to your bathtub – preventing slips and slides.
  • Easy to Clean – the package comes with a washing machine bag to support the suction cups from being  damaged when cleaning.
  • Convenient – a perfect bath accessory for you which includes a hook which makes it easy to dry and store.

Cons :

  • Should stay at the top portion of your tub for when tub water rises, the submerged suction cups detach themselves from the tub surface.
  • Due to its suction cups’ strong hold, when you are not careful in removing the pillow from the tub, the pillow may rip off.

Is it worth your money? 

If you are looking for a spa bath pillow that’s lightweight and easy to clean, dry and store, this spa bath pillow is a good buy. The Soothing Company Bath Pillow is designed and built to last, and they are confident enough about this that they offer a 100% money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with it.

       2. Mosuch Bath Pillow for Head Neck and Shoulder Support

Mosuch Bath Pillow’s main purpose is to give your head, neck, shoulders and back a comfortable support while taking a spa bath. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing warm bath by using this luxury bath tub pillow made of the latest 4D air mesh technology to relax your tired muscles. It’s good breathability and fast drying feature helps avoid the breeding of mold/mildew. With 7 large non-slip suction cups, it helps the bath pillow to securely stay in place on your tub’s surface. And make it more convenient for you to hang it for drying with its built-in hook.

Pros :

  • 4D air mesh technology – made with 100% mesh polyester which helps the pillow to keep its shape. It also allows air to pass through it flawlessly that helps the pillow to dry fast and smell fresh.
  • Keeps its shape – comes in a unique and nice box packaging which does not deform the pillow.
  • No slip and slide – the 7 powerful suction cups helps this pillow stay secured and stable on your tub surfaces (some competing pillows only have 4-6 suction cups).
  • Easy to wash and store – this spa bath pillow can be machine or hand-washed with a gentle detergent. It has a built-in hook making it easy for drying and storing.
  • Wide and comfortable – compatible and fits any shape tub or bubble bath. Its 2 part cushioning allows strategic support for your head, neck, shoulder and back support.

Cons :

  • Uses a lot of space because of its thickness.

Is it worth your money? 

This spa bath pillow does not just serve its purpose under water but can also be used as a pillow inside your car. Just stick the 7 suction cups to your window or side of your car and you’ll have an instant pillow for relaxation. 

  1. Dr. Maya Premium Luxury Bath Pillow + 2 Bonus Bath Bombs Bundle

Did you know that with this wonderful ultra-comfy bath pillow you can give the gift of unlimited free passes to an amazing, relaxing experience of a spa resort, Jacuzzi or hot bubble bath to your loved ones?  With Dr. Maya Premium Luxury Bath Pillow, you can bring home and enjoy the luxurious pampering of your favorite spa resort, Jacuzzi or hot tub experience.

It’s made of the softest mesh fabric making it easy to clean, wash and dry – and most importantly, mildew-resistant. A bath that is comfortable and rejuvenating is now possible with this ergonomically designed luxury bath pillow – providing your neck, head, and shoulders with all the support you need. It comes with 4 extra-large, extra-strong suction cups which keeps the pillow in place preventing slips and slides.

Pros :

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Features a contoured ergonomic shape to support your head, neck, shoulders and back, giving you a luxurious and relaxing spa bath
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – unlike some cheap plastic cushions, this spa bath pillow is made with the finest, softest mesh fabrics and state-of-the-art production processes; passing a very strict quality control
  • BACTERIA-RESISTANT- Dr. Maya’s premium luxury bath pillow is designed to dry quickly, stay clean and resist bacteria, mold or mildew breeding
  • GUARANTEED: One of the few spa bath pillows that comes with a 10-year warranty and a money back guarantee
  • FREEBIES – comes with 2 amazing bath bombs which are therapeutic and moisturizing – a great alternative for your bubble bath formula

Cons :

  • People who have perfume allergies may not appreciate the scented bath bombs
  • The hook may be too small for some towel racks

Is it worth your money? 

Dr. Maya’s Premium Luxury Bath Pillow is the best choice for you if you are looking for a wide, thick and soft spa bath pillow. It can be machine or hand-washed, lay flat or hang to dry. Since it dries up quickly, bacteria, mold and mildew will not have a chance to breed on this pillow. If you are somehow dissatisfied and believe that the pillow did not fulfill its promise, you can return it back for they offer a 10-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath Pillow 

This full-body bath pillow is designed to provide relaxation and support not just to your head, neck, shoulders and back but also your tailbone. Its 3D quilted design makes it soft and cozy – giving you a smoother surface like your mattress thus, making you feel comfortable as you soak your body. The 3D air mesh technology creates a water-permeable layer that helps to prevent water from collecting in your pillow, dries up quickly, mildew-resistant and keeping your spa bath pillow always smelling fresh and clean.

Pros :

  • 17 Super Strong Non-slip Suction Cups – found on the underside, which can firmly and effortlessly fix the bath pillow in place on any smooth surfaces.
  • 3D Air Mesh Technology – allows quick water shredding, making your pillow to dry fast and odorless. A dry pillow is said to be free from bacteria, mold or mildew so it always smells fresh and clean.
  • Super-Comfy and Full-Support – provides strategic support to your head, neck, shoulders, back and tailbone. This full body spa bath pillow comes with an extra-thick headrest to support your tired neck and head.
  • Easy to Clean – comes with a mesh laundry bag to protect suction cups from being torn or from sticking on the machine’s drum when tossed inside the washing machine. It can also be hand-washed with a gentle detergent soap. Hang dry  and let air pass through it to avoid smelly and mildew formation.
  • 100% Risk-free Purchase – free 30 Day risk-free purchase will issue a replacement or full refund if not satisfied with the pillow and a 2-Year Friendly Customer Service. If you are not positively thrilled with our bathtub cushion, please feel free to contact us and we will issue a fast replacement or full refund- HASSLE FREE! Give it a try to make your bath time more relaxing! 

 Cons :

  • The headrest is non-detachable.
  • Suction cups do not stick to a non-smooth surface.

Is it worth your money?

If you are looking for a comfortable spa bath pillow that supports even your tailbone aside from your head, neck, shoulders and back, OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath Pillow is the answer. This makes sure that taking a spa bath can be relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, not to mention their 30-day risk-free purchase which gives you the confidence of buying this product.

  1. YISUN Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow with 5D Air Mesh Technology for Tub

Easing tense and relaxation does not just happen in spa resorts or Jacuzzi. You can have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa bath at home with Yisun Non-slip Bath Pillow with 5 Air Mesh Technology. With an upgraded 5D mesh material, this spa bath pillow makes it easier to wash and dry making it smelling fresh and mildew-resistant. Its flexible design also allows the pillow to adapt the tub and spa of any size and shape giving you luxurious comfort and relaxation. 

Pros :

  • 5d Mesh Material – with 5D double-layer textile mesh, water easily shreds from the pillow  making it super-fast to dry just by hanging using its built-in hook.  It passed the super strict quality assurance making sure that this pillow will last for a long period of time and will remain mildew-free.
  • Flexible Design – this spa bath pillow easily adapts to any tub or spa size and shape making you more comfortable and relaxed. 
  • Full Support – just the right space, softness and comfort that envelops your head, neck & shoulder allowing you to enjoy a luxurious yet comfortable time in the tub. 
  • Easy to Clean – just toss it inside the washing machine and hang it after. 

Cons :

  • Sticks to soft surfaces only.

Is it worth your money? 

Considering the updated 5D mesh material, this pillow is a good buy especially if you are looking for a pillow that adapts to the tub’s shape and size  

  1. Samplife Bath Pillow Spa Bathtub Cushion

Samplife Bath Pillow is a good accessory for your spa bath ritual. It’s a good choice to provide full support and comfort to your head, back, neck, and tailbone on a relaxing and rejuvenating bath experience. Featuring its four extra-strong suction cups that will help keep the pillow in its place – no slips and slides.  The two-panel design is contoured in great shape for extra comfort and support. This breathable 3D mesh bathtub pillow  allows air and water to pass through for quick drying and helps it to be bacteria, mold and mildew resistant.


  • Adaptable Design – this spa bath pillow is designed to easily adapt the size and shape of any bath tub or spa ensuring a comfortable and relaxing bath time
  • Non-slip – featuring its 4 extra-large and extra strong suction cups, it eliminates slips and slides while soaking in the water keeping the pillow firmly fixed to the surface of your bathtub. Please dry the surface of the tub before you place the pillow in the tub.
  • Quick-Dry – made from 3D Air Mesh Technology, water shreds easily from the pillow making it super quick to dry, making the pillow to always smell fresh and clean, away from bacteria, molds and mildew.
  • Comfortable – tired muscles can easily relax on a warm bath with this spa bath pillow, enveloping your head, neck, shoulders and back. You can even sleep while soaking because of the comfort and support it can give you during bath time.
  • Risk-free Purchase – they offer a 100% refund should you not be satisfied with Samplife Bath Pillow Spa Bathtub Cushion.


  • The suction cups have to be wet first before putting it in place,  you have to use a card to peel off the suction cups when done.

Is it worth your money?  

Feel confident in buying this Samplife Bath Pillow Spa Bathtub Cushion for they offer a 100% refund in case the spa bath pillow did not fulfill its promise as advertised.  A cushion that is comfortable, quick-dry and resists mildew formation are the basic and main features of Samplife Bath Pillow Spa Bathtub Cushion; if these are the factors you are considering prior to buying your spa bath pillow, then you have found the right one.

  1. Essort Bathtub Pillow

Some spa bath pillows are only suitable for adults and you have to purchase a separate one for your children in case you want them to experience the comfort of using a bath pillow. Retiring from a long day’s work and a stressed muscle can be a pain and may lead you to lack of sleep. But a warm bath together with a relaxing and comfortable spa bath pillow will save your day. It has strong suckers which help in keeping the pillow from falling off during bath time.

You may start to get your unlimited free spa experience at home with Essort Bathtub Pillow – a comfortable and convenient cushion for your head, neck, shoulders.

Pros :

  • Super comfy – with its 3D Air Mesh technology, Essort Bathtub Pillow is carefully designed to provide the highest level of comfort to relax your body. It has the best ergonomic design to avoid neck fatigue. You can now stay in your tub for an extended time without getting a strained neck
  • High Quality Polyester – with the purpose of giving comfort and convenience to  its users, Essort Bathtub Pillow  made sure that they only use  high-quality polyester materials  resulting to more breathable and permeable by water cushion for fast drying and mildew resistant product
  • Non-slip, no slides – Essort Bathtub Pillow keeps its hold in place by the help of its extra strong suckers. Make sure to wet it first to make it stick better.
  • Right Size- just the right size to feel comfortable and relaxed during bath time. Its unique design helps to support your head, neck, shoulders and back while enjoying a relaxing and luxurious spa bath.
  • Easy to Clean – just rinse with water and let dry in a well-ventilated place.

Cons :

  • When the pillow gets wet and soaked with water, it becomes heavy.

Is it worth your money? 

If you want a spa bath pillow that does not deform, then the Essort Bathtub Pillow is for you, aside from its breathable feature, it is also easy to wash and dry making sure that your pillow smells fresh and clean all the time.

  1. Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men 

Enjoy a care-free bathing experience with Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men. The unique design was made for both Women and Men providing comfort and support for your head, neck, shoulders and back. It has 6 extra strong suction cups that keeps the pillow in place during bath time – no slips or slides. It is also made with 3D Air Mesh Technology which means that air and water can pass through it making it easy to clean and dry.

Pros :

  • Ergonomic Design – this spa bath pillow fully supports your head, neck & shoulders in blissful comfort.
  • Strategic Support – the Premium “wave-pattern” stitching provides strategic support for your spine and cervical vertebrae, making your bath experience more relaxed and luxurious
  • 3D Air Mesh Technology – more ventilation which allows constant, refreshing airflow – making your pillow to dry faster and prevents mildew from breeding
  • Firm Hold – with its 6 extra-strong suction cups it keeps Bath Haven pillow firmly fixed and secured to the surface of your tub.
  • Money Back Guarantee – get your money back if your expectations were not met when you buy Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men 

Cons :

  • Not for people who are looking for a full body support

Is it worth your money?

If you are looking for a cloud of softness, that’s easy to store and fits all bathtubs then this bath pillow is for you. 

Conclusion / Summary 

There’s nothing more relaxing and comforting than taking a bath after a long and tiring day. This being said, it is important that your bath experience be as comfortable and as carefree as possible to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. There are a lot of bath accessories you can use to achieve this but getting the best spa bath pillow will definitely help you experience a luxurious and relaxing spa bath. There are a massive number of spa bath pillows in the market; and it can be challenging for you to find the best that suits your needs. Before buying, make sure to read some reviews and check the products’ description to see if you will like its features or not. You want to relieve stress and not add more to it, yeah?

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