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Fresh and Flawless: The No-Makeup Makeup Look

no-makeup makeup look

Have you ever heard of the no-makeup makeup look? Here’s all you need to know about this trend that will make you look fresh and flawless.

Do you ever dream of waking up looking fresh and flawless? At one point in your life, you may have come across a selfie of a celebrity or influencer on social media with the line “woke up like this.”

Most of us, if not all, dream of the day where we can wake up looking like the best version of ourselves. We dream of getting up in bed with a wonderful au naturel look. That is radiant glowing skin with flushed cheeks and tinted lips.

Let’s face it: not everyone is born with naturally clear skin or tint on their lips. We always find something wrong with our face may it be big pores, blemishes, acne scars, fine lines, or dark circles under eyes. 

As much as we want to embrace all our flaws, some find confidence in looking flawless. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. Self-care should be the priority above everything else.

While there is a wide variety of treatments that can help us achieve the flawless look we desire, it comes with a price. A hefty price tag is not something that everyone can afford.

Lucky for us, there is a budget-friendly solution that can help us achieve a radiant look with a moisturized, bare, and natural face: the no-makeup makeup look.

The No-Makeup Makeup Trend

The no-makeup makeup look is one of the most popular makeup trends nowadays. Models and celebrities alike love to sport their bare but fresh and flawless faces. It’s easy to spot this look. Just look for dewy and glowing skin, big and bright eyes, and flushed cheeks. To keep it simple: natural but not dull.

This is in great contrast to the fully made up looks that we see on television and media on a regular basis. The usual look comes with a full foundation coverage, well-defined contours, shaped and arched brows, thick and winged liners, and striking highlighters.

The no-makeup makeup look is great for those who are always in a rush. If you have only a few minutes to spare for your makeup routine, this is the go-to as it only requires minimal time to do. You can sweep your tiredness under the rug and not get stressed by the process itself.

This look is actually a breath of fresh air as it simply accentuates your facial features, makes your skin look fair, adds color to your face, and emphasizes your best facial assets. It simply brings out the best in you.

It’s all about good skin

The first thing that people notice about our face is our skin. It’s easy to spot the level of stress through one’s skin. Pores, oil, and lines are some of the indicators of stress.

This is why the key to perfecting the no-makeup makeup look is to keep the skin looking fresh.

The no-makeup makeup look is all about being fresh and flawless. In order to do so, we must keep our skin hydrated and moisturized. When skin has enough moisture, it looks fresh, supple, and young.

The skin serves as the canvas that puts together all of the elements of your makeup look. This is why it is important that you prioritize it over anything else.

When doing your no-makeup makeup look, bear in mind the goal of having a natural glow and a radiant and dewy finish.

beautiful woman no make up beautiful face beautiful woman

No-Makeup Makeup Look Essentials

One thing you will like about the no-makeup makeup look is that it is not dependent on the materials you use. Rather, it is about how you use your makeup tools to achieve the freshness you want.

You do not need a huge makeup kit with an extensive range of palettes and tools for this look. To achieve the no-makeup makeup look, you just need a few makeup essentials in your pouch.

  •         sunscreen
  •         concealer
  •         eye shadow
  •         brow gel
  •         mascara
  •         blush
  •         lip balm
  •         lip tint

The internet is a treasure trove of tutorials on how to cop this famous no-makeup makeup look. Professional makeup artists and beauty gurus have their own versions using products of their preference.

While this article does not directly recommend products for use, all you need to know about the no-makeup makeup look is here. After all, you need to have a grasp of this makeup trend and learn the basics to be able to fully apply it. 

Hydrate and keep it natural

As mentioned earlier, the most important part of your face is your skin. The first step that you must not skip is hydrating and moisturizing. Ensure that your skin has enough moisture to be able to keep its freshness.

Once moisturized, it’s time to even out your skin. We all know the power of foundation, but in copping this no-makeup makeup look, avoid it as much as possible. There are other alternatives that can give you the light coverage you need and still maintain a natural-looking complexion.

Consider using tinted sunscreen that both protects and evens out your skin. There are also BB and CC creams as well that bring out similar results.

Conceal correctly

We love to hide all the flaws we hate and the best way to do it is with a good concealer.

The beauty of the no-makeup makeup look is that even though you seem flawless, your flaws still show.

When using concealer, cover the things that you want to conceal but do not eliminate completely your flaws. Show some of your flaws that make you beautiful. This can be your freckles or facial lines that make you who you are.

Brush and groom

People look you in the eyes when talking so make sure that you flaunt this facial asset. Making your eyes look pretty is simple. You just need to emphasize your lashes and groom your brows.

How you do your lashes and brows depends on the kind of makeup look you choose. Fully made up looks tend to exaggerate lashes with falsies and make brows arched and full. On the other hand, the no-makeup makeup look just requires grooming.

Curl your lashes and use a good mascara to make your eyes big and bright. Avoid using fake ones as the goal is to keep it natural.

For brows, all you have to do is follow the natural shape of your brows. Groom your brows and fill in the spaces that need filling in. Keep them in place by using a brow gel.

Add a pop of color 

Now that you have evened out, concealed, and groomed yourself, the last but definitely not the least step is to add color to your face. This is really important because overdoing this may compromise your entire look.

The no-makeup makeup look keeps things natural so when adding color, make sure that these gravitate towards natural-looking colors such as reds.

Have a rosy glow by adding blush to your cheeks. Put the right amount of blush and blend it well to have beautifully flushed cheeks.

 Don’t forget to put some color on your lips. Before doing so, add lip balm so your lips look as moisturized as your skin. You may consider having a tinted lip balm to make it look natural. Alternatively, you can use a lip tint after putting on some balm.

The good thing about lip tints is that it makes your lips pop without drawing too much attention to it. A toned down tint keeps your no-makeup makeup look together.

Balance and harmony

The no-makeup makeup look is all about balance and harmony. 

Keeping it natural and realistic is the goal of this makeup look so all elements must blend well together. While you are accentuating your features, keep it simple so as not to overemphasize these assets.

Always remember to keep it natural. Follow these simple steps so you can look fresh and flawless in no time.

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